We've built Loomis Direct to compliment the Loomis SafePoint Cash Management product and provide you with an industry leading online experience to help you reconcile your cash when you need to. Loomis Direct provides a fast and fluid design with a latest in technology to help you get back to running your business and managing your customers.

With Loomis Direct, you have access to all the cash in all of your Locations from at-a-glance views to detailed deposits made by individual employees. At Loomis we understand your cash conciliation needs, which is why Loomis Direct allows you to start at a high-level summaries and zoom in to detailed transactions. And exporting to Excel/CSV allows you take information that Loomis Direct is providing and create your own reports, charts, trends or import into other accounting or reconciliation systems.

Signing In

Sign In to Loomis Direct, by providing your User Id and Password and then click the Sign In button.

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Learn More about Loomis SafePoint

Check out our videos to learn all about Loomis SafePoint and how it can benefit your business by letting you focus on your customers.

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