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We developed SafePoint for retail and commercial establishments that routinely handle cash.

Why Do Businesses Choose Loomis SafePoint?

  • Loomis expedites cash access. Once securely in the safe, your cash is not only guaranteed by Loomis, but is available to you the next day.

  • An End to End Solution, providing you with secure cash handling and reporting system, in a controlled, protected closed loop system.

  • Managers can improve quality and customer service by spending more time coaching and motivating your employees, and not focus on cash.

How Can Loomis SafePoint Benefit Your Business?

  • What is your focus?

    At Loomis, we want to know, what's your focus? Do you love interactiving with customers, but your time is used up by running to the bank, counting and reconciling?

    Loomis understands the reality of your business life.

  • End to End Solution

    Loomis SafePoint’s End to End Solution, provides you with secure cash handling and an automated reporting system.

    Every step is controlled, protected, and streamlined making this a closed loop system, the consistent basis for dramatically reducing your cash shrinkage.

How much is your cash costing you?

This Is Our Brand Promise To You

Over the past 150 years, Loomis has become the specialist at creating efficient cash flow. With the Loomis SafePoint solution, we'll focus on your cash so you can focus on your customers. So how does Loomis focus on your business and create efficient cash flow for your operation? Loomis SafePoint's End to End solution, provides you with secure cash handling and an automated reporting system.

With an exclusive focus on cash handling, Loomis is the number one specialist at managing cash in society. As a global company with a foot print of over 400 branches coast to coast and a strong presence in Europe, we are where you are. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on your particular needs and creating a true partnership with you.